ABOUT Friends of Serpent mound

Friends of Serpent Mound, or FOSM for short, is made up of individuals and organizations that care about and see the value in preserving the Great Serpent Mound Park.

FOSM was created from a committee of the Adams County Travel and Visitors Bureau (ACTVB) starting in 2004. During that year the ACTVB Committee started meeting with Park Manager, Keith Bengtson and other representatives from the Ohio Historical Society (OHS), now known as the Ohio History Connection (OHC) to see how we could help improve the esthetics and accessibility to the park.

During one meeting it was decided that to show OHC our determination and that people in Adams and the surrounding counties cared about the Serpent Mound Park, we held a membership drive for OHC.

In less than 2 months OHC went from 6 members in Adams County to over 100! The committee had OHC’s attention (plus that of the local residents!) and so FOSM was born.

In 2009, OHC contracted with the Arc of Appalachia to manager Serpent Mound and Fort Hill. Then OHC took back management of the park in 2021. FOSM is not a volunteer group for either OHC or the Arc, but a non-profit stand alone organization and support group to the Serpent Mound Park and other local Indigenous Ancient Sites. We continue to try and work with both groups, as well as other groups in our area like the Archeological Conservancy, Heartland Conservancy, the Alternate Universe, and others. 

We recognize the multitude of alignments incorporated within the design of the effigy mound. Many of our events center around and honor these alignments. FOSM President Jeffrey Wilson created this image to show all of the alignments – Ohio Earthworks -The Great Serpent Mound 


If you have questions pertaining to the day to day operations of the park, like hours and permit requests, please visit the Ohio History Connection’s Website.

If you watched the new Netflix Series “Ancient Apocalypses” and you are displeased with Graham Hancock not being allowed to film at the park. Then please, use the Ohio History Connection’s contact us page


2012 Festival Tour


Since 2004, FOSM has helped bring Serpent Mound to the World and the World to Serpent Mound through events. By supporting pre-existing events and creating new ones.

Serpent Mound Project
William Romains Research Team


One of the highly asked question is “Why was Serpent Mound built?” This is a question that may never be answered. We encourage non-invasive research and offer a platform to learn about the many theories and aspects of the park and its surroundings.

Our Campaign image
Our Campaign image to save Fortified Hill in Butler Co., Ohio, in 2019. It was saved.


FOSM’s purpose is to: Protect, preserve, and promote Serpent Mound and other Native American sites, while facilitating education and experiences for visitors. Learn more about our preservation efforts.

We are now on youtube!

This Summer during our festival, we went live with most of our presentations. The company that oversaw the process, The Strange Road, also recorded them for us. One can watch three of the presentations on their page and the remainder on our page. Go to our Channel and watch the other three videos from our Playlist.

I will get the rest uploaded, so be sure to visit often. 

YouTube Link Go to FOSM’s YouTube Channel


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