Festival activities

Join us, June 23-25, 2023, as we celebrate the first few days of summer among the foothills of the Appalachia mountains.

Our annual festival highlights the area’s history, heritage, ecology, as well as the multitude of aspects associated with the Serpent Mound Park. The Great Serpent Mound effigy, built by the Ancient Indigenous Peoples, incorporates alignments to the rising and setting of the sun and moon on the solstices and equinoxes. The summer solstice sunset alignment is through the open jaws and across the oval.

There are many theories, stories, ancient knowledge, and unknowns with Serpent Mound. The Friends of Serpent Mound started this festival as a way for the public to share and learn about the many facets of Serpent Mound. Our presenters vary from locals, historians, Indigenous Americans, Scientists, Spiritualist, Musicians, and more. Learn about Serpent Mound and the surrounding area’s history, uniqueness, wildlife, and ecology, along with some fun family friendly summer activities!

Festival Rules

  • This is a family friendly event – there is to be NO alcohol, drugs, guns, or nudity!
  • Children are welcome and must be supervised by a parent or guardian at all times.
  • There is no smoking in the Main Tents, in the port-o-lets or within the group hikes. There are proper places to put one’s cigarette butts, so please do not throw them on the ground.
  • Dogs are permitted, but must be leashed at all times, next to owner, and must be cleaned up after.
  • The back gate to the Serpent Mound Park is closed. One can use the Buckeye Trail to access the  park during open hours.

Friends of Serpent Mound
The Great Serpent Mound Chapter of ASD
Serpent Mound Books and Press
Scioto Valley Bird and Nature Club
Dragonfly Kisses
Dancing Bird Flutes
Aron Scholl & Cheyenne Clawson
Marlene Lloyd
Loretta Buckley
Gary & Debi Miner
Neopagan Artist
J & J Gems
United Plant Savers
Rural Action (Sustainable Agriculture Division & Sustainable Forestry Division)
Joanie Boyle – Gia Den

2023 Vendors

Gypsy Ladies (food)
Peebles Dairy Bar (food)
Buckeye Trail Association
Jille’s Jewels
Fair Ridge Farms (food)
Red Handed Trade
Michelle St. Clair
Dusty Ruth
Daniel DuBoe
Persimmons Springs Gems and Things
 The Restless Spirit Vintage
Roots of Recovery Herbs
Mystic Mantis


Catie Singing Eagle
Samantha Finley
Jack Holland of Crazy Flute
steven & the moon
McQueen’s Charming Art
Everett “Patches” Patch
Mark Burden
John Martin
Phill Barnett
Sarah Eikum
Karen Sullivan
Deo Abellera
MoonDoggie LIVERee
Tanya’s Colorful Culture
Buck the Magic Cowboy
Dierdre Chandler & Larry “Handles”



All thanks to our wonderful Community of Sponsors!



Join us any or every day of the festival, for FREE.
No registration required to attend.
Sorry, there is no public camping.
Visit Adams County Travel & Visitors Bureau,
Visitor’s Bureau of Highland County,
or Visit Pike County, Ohio 





Where is the festival?

Soaring Eagle Retreat is east of Serpent Mound and the Ohio History Connection has asked that all of our participants come in from the Horner Chapel entrance and park in our field. One can assess Serpent Mound park via the Buckeye Trail during Park hours. 

375 Horner Chapel Rd., Peebles, OH 45660


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